sterile inoculate spores



sterile inoculate spores


sterile inoculate spores some think inoculation is a complicated process, but you don’t need a hood
or any fancy equipment for inoculation of jars. Just have a little
respect for the task and the level of cleanliness it requires. Really
much more time and care is spent preparing the jars themselves than
actually inoculating them.

Start by choosing a work surface where you feel comfortable working,
a kitchen counter or table works well. The most important thing is
that it is a clean area free of dirt, dust and direct air flow from a
vent. It also won’t hurt to take a shower and put on clean clothes.

How to inoculate spores

Cleanliness Precautions
Inoculating your jars is the main step where contamination is possible, and thus
must be done in as clean of an environment as possible. If the room you’re
working in is clean enough, (most are not) you can get away with inoculating
them in open air. The needle of the syringe, if not absolutely sterile, can carry
bacteria and spores from other molds into your cake, contaminating and ruining
the cake. The open air of your home is filled with millions of microscopic mold
spores and bacteria, so even one of these falling on the needle of your spore
syringe can infect a jar. Wash your hands and face with antibacterial soap. Wear
clean clothes. Anything in the area of the syringe and jars could contaminate your
cakes if it is not clean. There are two methods of injecting your spores that help
eliminate any possible air contaminates.
1. Glove Box Method
If you’re concerned about sterility, a good way to accomplish this is to make a
“glove box,” an enclosed, semi-sealed box with holes for gloves to go through and
a see-through top. A cheap, halfway decent one can be built for only a couple
bucks worth of stuff. All you need is a large cardboard box, some tape and saran
wrap to go over the top of the box, and a pair of new, unused dishwashing gloves.
Tape saran wrap over the top and cut two holes big enough for your arms in the
sides. Disinfect the gloves and the inside of the box with Lysol spray disinfectant.
A small gate can be cut into the side of the box for getting the syringe and jars
into the box, or they can be put through one of the arm holes (if you choose not to
attach the gloves to the holes).


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