Q: I would like to visit your shop in the US. Where can I find you?

A: We do not have a shop you can visit. We are an Online Shop only. All our products can be ordered online and will be shipped by UPS or PostNL.


Q: Do you sell magic mushrooms?

A: In some cases YES. However, since December 2008 it is illegal in Europe and the US to sell magic mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms Shop abides to the European and International law. We do not sell products that are banned in this territories. Please only order products that are legal in your country.

Q: Are magic mushroom grow kits legal in the US or Europe?

A: Yes they are.

Q: Are magic truffles legal in the US or Europe?

A: Yes they are. Truffles do not appear on the “opium lijst” a list with regulated substances.

Q: Are your products legal in my country?

A: We do not know which products are legal in other countries than the EU, UK, Canada and the US. Make sure you find out before you place an order on our website. Orders that have been confiscated by customs will not be refunded. Only order products that are legal in your country.

Q: How old do I have to be to order?

You have to be 18 years or older to order in our webshop

Order process and Payment

Q: From which payment methods can I choose?

A: Currently you can choose from:          

International Bank transfer (Direct from your account or by using a third party)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

Cash (send in secure and registered envelop)

Online money transfer sites: Western Union, Azimo, Globalwebpay and more

Direct online payment

When you have placed an order and have chosen your payment method, you will receive a detailed confirmation email with further instructions on how to proceed with the payment. Click here for more information about the payment methods.

Q: Can I pay by Credit Card or Paypal ?

A:  No. We can not accept Credit cards or Paypal GnS payments.

Q: Can I pay for my order by sending you cash in an envelope?

A: Yes, this is possible.  Always send the envelop registered . This will give a guarantee to you and us that the envelope arrives. More information about payment can be found here. Notice sending cash is on own risk.


Q: Do you ship products to other countries?

A: Yes, we ship to other countries. Although, not all products can be shipped to every country.

You can see what the shipping restrictions are, by clicking on a product and scrolling down to see the additional information. This is not open to dispute. Questions if we can make an exception will not be answered. The restriction list is an incomplete list. It’s your own responsibility to check legal status of the product in your country.

Q: Which shipment methods do you offer?

A: Currently we offer several shipment methods. They all include tracking and you will get multiple updates to not miss your parcel.

Express shipping

Home delivery

Parcel shop Pick-up point

Free shipping  (above 175,- in Europe and the US only)

Q: How long will it take before I will receive my order?

A: When the payment is completed and in on our account we will send your order within two business days. When you place an order, and choose for the shipping method, you will see what the indicated delivery time will be after shipment.

In rare cases it might occur that we do not have the product(s) in stock. When this is the case we will send you an email regarding when you can expect your order to be shipped. This will never be more than two weeks after you have placed the order. 

Q: How much are the shipping cost ?

A: Shipping cost are different to every country and are calculated in the order process. Want to know your shipping cost? Add the products to your cart and go to the checkout page to see your shipping costs. Orders above 175 Euro or 200 USD will be shipped for free (in EU and the US only)

Q: Are the package shipped discrete?

A: Yes, there is no reference to our company name (magic shrooms shop) or to the products you ordered on the outside of the package. No invoice is included the package.

Your magic mushrooms grow kit

Q: I have received my magic mushrooms grow kit. What do I do now?

A: Please read  the detailed instructions on how to proceed.


Q: After two weeks I still do not see any mushrooms growing. Is there something wrong?

A: There can be couple of reasons.

  1. The temperature is below 18°C. This means that the mushrooms do not grow in the average time. The mushrooms will still grow, but it will take days or even weeks longer. Try to keep the temperature at the lowest minimal of 18°C.
  2. The temperature is not on a constant level . Try and keep the temperature on a steady 24 °C for better results.
  3. The mycelium wasn’t fully developed when you received the kit. This is not your fault in any case and also isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just has to develop a little bit more thus increasing the growth time by a couple of days. Nothing to worry about.
  4. Some strains take more time to grow their fruits

Q: The magic mushrooms are growing. When should I pick them?

A: You can pick them when the hats of the mushrooms are opening up. This is when the membrane just under the hat starts to rip. You will see that not all the mushrooms will be “ripe” at the same time. Just pick the ones that are ready and let the smaller ones mature a bit more until it’s their time to be brought in.

Q: I see white fluff at the base of the mushrooms. Is this normal?

A: Yes, this is part of the fungus.

Q: I see a blue color appearing on  the mushrooms. Is my grow kit going bad?

A: Hurrah! You’ve just made visual contact with the substance psilocybin. This is the stuff that makes the difference between mushrooms and magic mushrooms. You will find out when you pick the mushrooms, they will stain blue at the spots where you’ve touched them with your fingers. Very good!

Q: My grow kit is turning green. What is happening?

A: This is not good. A green color means that your kit has been infected with a aggressive fungus. This is killing your mycelium. If this is happening to your grow kit, please contact our support, and provide us with the following information:

  1.  Your order number
  2.  The strain of your growkit, and the 2-digit week number you find on the outside of the carton box.
  3.  The 6-12 digit number you find on white label of the plastic growbox. (this code is not available on all growkits).
  4.  Number of days before the infection started to show.
  5.  Attach one or more photo’s of the infected grow kit.

Q: What is the best way to pick the mushrooms?

A: Do not pull out the mushrooms! You will be damaging the mycelium and endangering any further harvest. What you do is wash your hands first with disinfectant and remove the paperclips from the top of the bag. Now place two fingers (your thumb and your index finger) at the base of the mushroom. Apply some pressure and gently turn your hand clockwise until the mushroom comes loose from the substrate.  If the mushroom breaks off a little; so a bit will stay attached to the substrate you just leave it. It is too much entangled in the mycelium to be safely removed.

Q: The inside of the growbag, the substrate and the mushrooms are suddenly all black. Is it rotten?

A: You were probably a little too late picking the ripe mushrooms. No harm is done, what you see is the millions of spores that the ripe mushrooms have released. They cover everything. You do not have to remove it, even if you would try, you wouldn’t succeed in doing so anyway. You can just eat the mushrooms with spores and all; they have no effect on the human body and mind. It’s only a cosmetic thing.

Q: I see mushrooms growing under the surface of the kit. They are between the substrate and the box and it is difficult for me to reach them. Should I pick them?

A: Don’t do it when it is difficult. When you try to release them from their position, you will very likely damage the mycelium and kill the organism. This often happens when trying this. Some cultivators cover the outside of the plastic box with aluminum foil. When mushrooms grow between the plastic box and the substrate the foil will prevent them from getting enough light to develop. Therefore saving the energy available for the other mushrooms.


Q: How long can I keep the truffles before I eat them?

A: On the package you can find a sticker with the best before date. After opening the vacuum package, you should eat the truffles within 5 hours.


Q: Are magic mushrooms dangerous?

A: When used correctly, tripping on mushrooms is safe. Make sure that you are well rested and do not participate in traffic while you are under the spell of the mushrooms. It is important that you feel confident in taking them and that you are in good mental and physical health. Never take mushrooms in combination (before, during and after the effects) with other substances. Especially no alcohol! Find more information about minimizing the risk on our responsible use page.

Q: What is a Bad Trip?

A: This is when your mushroom trip is affected by negativity. A person might become anxious, paranoid and sometimes even hysterical or violent. Luckily a bad trip doesn’t happen very often. When they do, it is often the result of bad preparation prior to the trip. Also, because magic mushrooms are psychedelic, they can open up doors of suppressed memories and this often comes with the release of strong emotions. This can be so unexpected to the (often inexperienced) user that they get caught in a spiral of negative thinking. Also the addition of the use of alcohol can be responsible for the inability to channel these surfacing emotions. Conclusion: when you take magic mushrooms be in good health and do not use other substances in combination with the effects of magic mushrooms. Find more information about minimizing the risk on our responsible use page.

Q: I have heard stories of people that jump out of windows on mushrooms. Why do they do that?

A: You always hear as an answer: “They think they can fly.” (than they should take off from the ground would Bill Hicks say) This is very rarely the case indeed, but in most cases it is that these people get caught in a spiral of negative thinking. See the previous topic for this. Because people cannot control these thoughts they sometimes panic and resort to desperate measures to break this “loop-thinking”. So it is important that you prepare yourself well before you take mushrooms (see the responsible use page) and also that you will never take more than the recommended dose of magic mushrooms. This means not to take more than 15 grams of the fresh Psilocybe cubensis species.

Other Questions

If you have other questions, please contact our customer support team. We try and answer you as soon as humanly possible 🙂