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Guarana (Paulinnia cupana) is perfect for gaining energy! It is used in many energy drinks and caps, because Guarana contains a very the high level of caffeine. Skip you morning coffe, just make a Guarana smoothie

Available in whole Guarana Paulinnia cupana Nuts and Guarana Paulinnia cupana Powder.



Buy Guarana Energy Herb – Herbs of the Gods Online.

Buy Guarana Energy Herb – Herbs of the Gods Online. Guarana, Paullinia Cupana , is a natural energy source. The powder is made from Guarana nuts. It has a naturally bitter taste that’s why it is usually combined with other foods or drinks. Guarana can be used to replace you morning coffee or just ad a pinch to a smoothie or your breakfast to get a nice kick.y

How to use Guarana

Guarana powder does not easily resolve in water, but can be mixed with any beverage you like. It is common to add some sugar or honey to sweeten up the mix.

Guarana powder contains about 4.2% caffeine and several other components like guaranine, theobromine and theofilline

The Guarana mostly comes in whole nuts, to preserve its stimulation properties. Use 2 nuts per drink, by grinding them like coffee beans. Buy Guarana Energy Herb – Herbs of the Gods Online.

History of Guarana

The name Guarana derives from the Tupi-Guarani ‘warana’ which means the ‘fruit like the eyes of the people’. When splitting open the fruit, it contains black seeds that are covered in white arillus. This resemblence to eyeballs has probably created the myth among the Sateré-Maué tribe, giving name to this fruit.

They believed that a deity killed some of the villages children. Subsequently, another God took out the kids eyes, planting his right eye out of the city and his left eye within the city. These eyeballs would have grown out to both the wild and domestic growth of the Guarana plant and seeds. Buy Guarana Energy Herb – Herbs of the Gods Online.

In South America the Guarana or Paullinia Cupana is commonly used for the caffeine it contains. It is an ingredient in soft drinks, herbal teas and energy shots. Some brands that include the Guarana in their energy drinks are Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar.


Contains 50 gram of powdered or whole Guarana.


Buy Guarana Energy Herb – Herbs of the Gods Online. Herbs of the Gods have collected high quality herbs since 1999. They have a selection of relaxing, stimulating and psychoactive herbs, that can be consumed by eating, drinking in teas or with a vaporizer.


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