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Passion Flower ,Passiflora incarnata, is a vine that has medicinal uses. Traditional applications are against anxiety and insomnia. The leaves and flower petals are dried and can be brewed in a tea or even be smoked. The Passiflora incarnata in particular contains small amounts of MAOi, and can easily (but carefully) be used to strengthen the mushroom effects.



Buy Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded Online.

Buy Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded Online.


80 grams of shredded Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) in a sealed package

Effects of Passion flower

Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) is used since ancient times for the soothing and calming effects.

Effects of a low dose

  • Calming
  • Relaxing
  • Sleep aid

In higher dose:

  • Mild hallucinogenic effects

Buy Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded Online.  The Passiflora incarnata is one of few passionflower species that contains the alkaloids harmine and harmaline. These alkaloids ork as an MAO inhibitor and should be used very carefully in the case you are looking to strengthen the trips from other organics.

Use of Passion Flower

Passion flower is mostly used as a tea:

  1. To brew a tea, add 2 grams to 150ml of boiled hot water.
  2. Steep this for 30 minutes
  3. Add sugar or honey to your liking.
  4. Do not drink more than 4 cups a day.

When you want to induce the mild hallucinogenic properties of Passion Flower, you can increase amount added to the tea to 15 grams.

Buy Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded Online.    Be aware that one should not ingest certain foods and drinks 24 hours prior to having the tea. A list can be found here. Also: do not use certain substances when using MAOI.


Buy Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded Online.   Passion Flower is a beautifull climbing vine native to South America and is used to make medicine and as a way to flavor food.  There are more then 500 species of Passion flower.

Historically passion flower the and herbel supplements are used to treat anxiety, insomnia, seizures and hysteria. The roots and leaves were used by native shamans to treat epilepsy, hysteria ans insomnia. Nowadays the Passion Flower is popular as an ordimental flower and the fruits are eaten world wide.

Other names are : Passion Vine; Maracuja; Apricot Vine and Maypop. It’s flowers can be white, blue, purple and red. The flowers have a distinctive corona.  Buy Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded Online.


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